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About Renting To Airbnb And Making Informed Financial Decisions As Explained By Richard Blair

Every person invests in the anticipation of profits and hoping that there will be no losses along the way. Most of the decisions made by people when renting their property out are not inspired by research and logic and that is why there are countless cases of people making losses or even facing legal action.

Airbnb offers property owners an avenue through which they can earn by renting their houses to the company. However, experts have warned about the consequences apparent when one takes such action. You need to first review the benefits versus drawbacks as highlighted below.

Risk factors
Accepting tenants to your premises means also accepting any losses they might bring along. Some tenants are rogue and will not care about using the space you rent to them well. They might even engage in illegal dealings, which might see you battle legal suits and make losses.

Any injuries and loss of property caused to your neighbors by the tenants will be your liability. Other tenants may turn into thieves while a certain group may decide to move out before paying rent.

Insuring the property
As seen above, accepting tenants comes with many risks, especially if the agreement is on short-term basis. Most insurance companies do not accept to insure short-term rentals due to the high loss potential that comes with allowing tenant to take no liability for losses. Therefore, any damage or losses incurred in the process are placed on you. This may result to huge losses if reviewed keenly over a period of time.

The Airbnb protection
This is one of the options you have when you want to protect your property, but you must understand that it is not an insurance package. Rather, it is an agreement that allows you to enjoy protection when all other avenues you have are exhausted. With these issues in mind, you can easily choose the right way to rent your property. Also engage experts like Richard Blair for sound advice.

About Richard Blair
Founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is a renowned professional with a rich background in financial management and subjects related to financial planning and retirement. Through Wealth Solutions, he has helped many small businesses and individuals to manage their finances better. Richard Blair is an individual with extensive knowledge as he is a Certified Income Specialist, a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist and a Certified Fund Specialist.

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The Dates for Lovaganza Have Been Released

Thanks to a recent announcement made by PRN Newswire, festival goers from around the world can rejoice in anticipation for the world wide bohemian celebration Lovaganza which has been scheduled to take place in the eight months of May to September of 2020. Many are disappointed that the dates that have been chosen are so far into the future, but according to the article the festival is going to be well worth the wait.

The festival of Lovaganza was originally scheduled to take place in 2015, but organizers made the decision to delay the even by five years to ensure that it would be run correctly. Additionally, they wanted to be sure that they would be able to incorporate cutting-edge and top-of-the-line entertainment to all of the festival goers. Therefor, it only made sense to schedule the delay.

In the article by PRN Newswire, the festival goers can look forward to “a Traveling Show, set to hit the roads in 2017 and which will promote the 2020 celebrations, the mission and goals attached to it, in addition to presenting a sample of Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience around the world. This will be followed by the release of three major motion pictures ramping up to 2020, to be presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions via the new glassless 3D technology, as well as in standard 3D and 2D theaters on Preliminary footage for the film trilogy has already begun shooting in many countries, including France, Spain and the United States, and will resume shooting soon in Africa, India and the rest of the world”.

On the official website of Lovaganza for the bohemian celebration of all cultures across the globe, “the celebrations will culminate with the historic Hands Across the Worldª held on closing day, when all peoples of all regions will join hands simultaneously as a symbol and demonstration of unity in which everyone can participate. With all of the hype and descriptions about the high-class entertainment, and the wide spectrum of cultures being featured and celebrated, it is safe to say that those with plans to attend will be feeling anxious for the festivities to commence in four years.

It is being said that attendees can anticipate to experience an event that will be reminiscent of the old World’s Fairs mixed with a top of the line technological spectrum of entertainment. The schedule detailing all of the entertainment will be released on the website soon.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Norka Martinez Luque: The Venezuelan Singer

Norka Martinez Luque has a new rolling air in her positivity that can virtually make everyone pursue their dreams however big they may look. Her story is one that is full of motivation and inspiration where the word impossible is one that does not exist in her vocabulary of success. This lady is a dreamer who had her passion discovered while she was a very young kid under the care of her parents. She found out that she was a very talented singer and loved music. She was very clear on her goals that were to bring her music to the world and have all the uninspired people inspired and communicated a message of hope to the hopeless that listen to her music.

As a child, she was given the best support she would ever ask of from her parents concerning her passion in singing and music. She was taken to a music school by her parents and attended music classes and began by learning how to play and sing with piano, flamenco as well as ballet. Norka Luque did all these while still in school pursuing her education.

She studied Business Administration in France and was awarded fashion, marketing, and Culinary Arts degree. It was during her stay in France that she had an excellent opportunity to be part and parcel of a band. This is the group that brought her back to the connection she had as a child to music. It was not until four years ago when she met Emilio Estefan Jr. who is a music reducer and showed her exclusive interest in her music. Norka Luque was interested in how she treated her and commented on the way she sang. She knew that it had come the time when the world will hear her music and put more effort to make things straight. She kept learning something new when she was with him. Her conviction and faith grew towards her dream that she was there to make things better and make a change to the world through her music.

He was introduced to a team of other producers and band by Emilio that ended up playing the part of the song MILAGRO, which is a hit song in the United States, Venezuela as well as other regions of the world. She says that Latin artists together with her are responsible for bringing a positive message to the people because the lyrics in their songs changes their lives.

Twitter: @norka_music

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is a hot topic in today’s business environment, and it is extremely important that you pay good attention to the benefits of having a great reputation management team on your side.

These days, people go online whenever they are planning to make a purchase or order a service. They research companies to find out who is providing good service or products and who is not reliable. With this information they can then make a decision where to make their purchase.

If you are a service provider or if you sell products, it is highly recommended that you have an efficient system that monitors and manages your online reputation. Negative reviews and comments can have a devastating effect on your business or personal profile. If you set up a reliable reputation management system, then you won’t have to worry about what information is being distributed about you or your company, because the system will handle that automatically for you.

For a business or a professional, online reputation management is essential. Every business owner should strive to have a good online reputation, otherwise they will not operate successfully. Having a great online reputation will entice clients and customers and make them feel confident in dealing with the company.

Fix Search Results is a highly recommended online reputation management firm. This reliable company has countless clients around the globe and is highly regarded in the industry. Their clients include small business owners, medium-sized businesses, large companies and corporations. Their clients are extremely happy and rave about the top notch services the company has been providing to them. To learn more about Fix Search Results and how their team of experts can help you become successful, have a look around their website and get in touch with them right away.

Marc Sparks’ Role in Raising Startups

Every dreamer needs someone to help him find the right course of action. In most cases, great help comes from people who dreamt before them and made it. It is a typical case for a startup business. When you want to raise your skills, but you do not have concrete information, it is important to find the best team. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Mark Sparks is a hero in Pittsburgh. He has helped diploma students gain confidence in what they do. Also, he has walked with them in this journey and ultimately making them successful.

Marc Sparks formed a program known as Spark Tank. In the program, the finalists are selected, and the winners are guided through a development program. They are taught on management, advertising, marketing, and design. Apart from the lucrative money prize they compete for, they are accorded classes that make them focus on the right aspects of business.

In fact, they get the first-hand experience from the ‘guru’ himself. Unlike other development programs, Spark Tank is different. They give a full package of everything that a startup may need to become a success.

Marc Sparks is a generous individual. He is extremely successful, and the businesses he runs have had an impact on the many people they serve. Helping those that want to become like him is so touching for him. He feels an obligation to make a lot of money and spend too. However, what is different with his is who he spends on.

People prefer using their money in those that they have known for some time. The cases different with Marc, he spends on people that have a dream. Those that want to start and raise a business will likely be funded by his program.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Marc Sparks stated with students around his city. In Pittsburgh, he has funded many startups. Most of them are successful, and it is spicy information for the billionaire. He derives satisfaction from changing lives for the better.

However, getting admission to Spark Tank has a few hurdles that the startups has to overcome. The team members have to prove that their ideas will be worth supporting. They are needed to give all evidence that they deserve the funds and support.

One of the ways is to prove that the funds will be helpful. Also, they have an obligation to get to details on how it will make them realize their dreams. The piece-meal information should be given to avoid misunderstanding that may lead to miss on the opportunity.

According to Goodreads, Marc Sparks has received overwhelming support for his noble idea. Companies have provided support for his programs. Some have given professionals that have done the pieces of training.

Also, some companies have always called and asked the program to identify which way they should be part of Spark Tank.

Blogger Tries No-Lather Shampoo WEN System For Fuller Shinier Hair

Emily McClure is a beauty contributor for with a common problem. She has fine, limp, do nothing hair that needed a boost. She had heard about the WEN hair no-lather shampoo system and hoped it could transform her flat mane. So, she decided to take a 7-day hair challenge and post her results on Bustle.

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is the revolutionary way to cleanse the hair without using the harmful chemicals found in store bought shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments. Those products often contain sulfates which produce big lathers. Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners offer a unique experience and one that restores shine, fullness and strength to every hair type out there. These products are available online via Amazon.

Chaz Dean is a famous LA stylist whose star clientele use the WEN system for healthier hair from root to end. Emily McClure was excited to get the Hollywood treatment and chose the Sephora endorsed variety of cleansing conditioner with extra body.

Emily kept a hair log and posted hair photos daily to chart her progress. She liked how WEN was performing, especially after she followed up with blow-drying and styling. Her limp hair had become A-list with gloss and manageability, and her photos showed the gorgeous results. Even Emily’s girlfriends were impressed with her new, shiny tresses.

Emily was loving Wen hair until she altered the morning washes. One time, she switched the routine to evening, only to wake up to flat, oily hair. During another instance, she ran out of time, so she skipped the WEN wash, but again, her hair had little body.

Emily concluded that the WEN system is ideal for people who have the time to follow the routine to a tee with blow-drying and styling. Emily got too busy at work to commit to WEN. Otherwise, Emily says WEN produces really fab results. For more info, visit

How Does Fabletics Makes Patriotic Swimsuits So Much Fun?

Fabletics and Kate Hudson talked over summer swimsuits with People Magazine, and that is something that all people are going to appreciate when they are getting ready for the beach. They have to have clothes that are going to make them feel good, and that is the whole point behind what happens at Fabletics. That is something that a lot of women are going to appreciate because they need something simple, and that is why People focused on with Kate Hudson. Source:

Kate Hudson does not spend a lot of time on her clothes because she does have a lot of time to give. She wants to make sure that she can help people look great, and she is trying to offer clothes that any woman can slip into at any time. That is why the patriotic swimsuits of Fabletics that she offers are so nice. They look really sexy on all women, and they provide women with a feeling of beauty that they cannot get from other suits.

The suits from Fabletics are all cut to be comfortable, and they are cut to show a woman that she can make her body look slimmer in he right colors. There is daring and stitching in the suits that looks good, and every woman who wants to make sure that she is going to get the best services from a clothing company should just stick with Fabletics. The Fabletics brand is really easy to wear, and it is fun for women to wear when they need something that will make their lives simple. It is very easy for a woman to pick out just one suit this way.

Fabletics wants to be the last word in swimwear, and they want to make sure that people are going to feel good when they wear these clothes. They can pack them away, get dressed easily and look their best. That is why Fabletics and Kate Hudson have made their suits so easy to wear.

Goettl air conditioning?

It’s summer and summer usually means fun in the sun! That’s why we want to keep pets especially safe. Whether it is in the middle of Nevada, or down deep in the heart of Texas, it is hot. Here are six tips to help your pet stay safe in this heat.

So one tip from Goettl to keep your pet safe is to feel the pavement. Whether it is concrete or asphalt, it will be warm. Try feeling the back of your hand to the pavement. If you can’t hold your hand to the pavement for more than 10 seconds, the pavement is too hot for your furry friend’s paws. Their paws can be burned from the hot pavement. Try shifting their daily walks to the morning or the evening.

The second tip I have is to start putting sunscreen on your pet. Any short haired, light colored pet is prone to sunburn. Put some pet safe sunscreen on their ears and nose about thirty minutes before you head outside.
A third tip is to keep your pet groomed. Ask your veterinarian about the appropriate grooming for your pet. This helps your pet keep their temperature regulated better and it’s more comfortable for them if their hair is groomed.
The fourth tip is always have water available. Dogs especially can’t sweat like we can, so please have plenty of water available. Dogs need to have shade as well. Keep an eye on your pet especially if they are outside for a while. This fifth tip can be fun. A simple kiddie pool filled with water can be a very good way to have your pet outside, but cooled off.
A final tip. With summer coming, it can cause antifreeze to leak. Keep your pet away from any puddles of the stuff. Keep the containers of antifreeze up and away from your pet as well.
Goettl Air Conditioning was originally created by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939 and ended up in the Las Vegas, Nevada area in 1968. Due to a recession, the company left in 2007. Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2014, and in 2016 opened a branch in Las Vegas, Nevada. The founder remembers as a 10-year old boy holding the flashlight for his father who knew that responding to your customers came first, and would often drop what he was doing to help them.


Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Dick DeVos Continues Charitable Giving To The Kennedy Center

As a lover of the arts I have often seen the name Dick DeVos mentioned in newspaper and magazine articles about the great U.S. patrons of the arts in all their different guises. I have looked into the life of this successful business leader and found he has had an amazing impact on the arts as a whole over the course of his life, with the latest charitable exercise he has embarked upon being a new riverfront pavilion being constructed at the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Biz Journals reports DeVos has given around $1 million to the project under the name of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.

The Kennedy Center has long been a pet project of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy, who have already given large sums of money to the center in charitable donations, including over $22 million towards the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. I was impressed to read on Wikipedia the commitment made to funding the arts in their many forms has not been limited to the Kennedy Center, but also includes local arts funding in their native Grand Rapids, Michigan area; a large portion of the $22.5 million donation to the Kennedy Center will be used for local arts funding in Michigan, one of the hardest hit areas during the 2008 economic slowdown.

The initial aim of the Kennedy Center for the Arts at the launch of the program in 2013 was to raise $125 million to pay for the construction of a new riverfront pavilion and rehearsal spaces; by the end of 2015 the fund had already risen to over $135 million in total and prompted an expansion of the program to include improvements costing a further $50 million. I was impressed to see the commitment to the arts made by Dick DeVos at a time when funding for many of these projects has been cut by government agencies.

Making Party Planning Fun!

Lauren Conrad, an author, has had eight books on the New York Time’s best sellers list. She is featured in the July 2016 issue of Redbook Magazine with her latest book, Celebrate. She has great tips for taking the stress out of planning a party.

Lauren says she won’t be the next generations, Martha Stewart. Lauren does, however, have multiple successes already. She has had two successful fashion lines a total of nine books and multimillion followers on various social media sites.

A sneak preview of some of the tips in her latest book, Celebrate include compromise, which she says means helping your partner to be relaxed and have fun too. While you may prefer a more formal gathering, if your partner prefers an informal, it won’t be fun for both of you if you are not willing to compromise.

Lauren also stresses the point of having fun yourself. That means that things don’t have to be perfect, but if you are not having fun, it will be contagious.

A different way to relax and enjoy the party is to invite Twenty Three Layers, an event planning, production, and design company in NYC to help host your next event. With their experience and talents, they will help take the stress right out of event planning.

Take a look at the Twenty Three Layers website,, and you will see the extensive variety of events that they have planned. Every possible venue, type of celebration and detail has been carefully prepared for.

By contracting Twenty Three Layers you will literally take all the stress out of event planning. They have a full-service team ready to meet your every need including; production, catering, photography, venue selection, floral design, lighting, custom printing, branding and entertainment. There is no reason for you to struggle with putting these details together yourself, allow the staff at Twenty Three Layers to do the work for you.