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The Importance of Wikipedia to Individuals and Businesses

Wikipedia is a free online databank where everyone can underwrite information. Its links usually come up every time one conducts an Internet search. It today’s world, the cyberspace has been opened and many people are online. The service can therefore be a marketing tool if properly used. Due to the fact that it is reachable to many people, any negative information posted can damage the standing of an individual or a brand. 

Wikipedia page updates can be made by any user. Legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently bore the brunt of online defamation when his Wikipedia page was defaced. After winning his first Oscars, someone posted the words “FINALLY HAS A GODDAMNED OSCAR”. The page is now filled with these words. The actors’ management team has had to hire Wiki writers to remove the words.

Hiring Wikipedia Experts

Individuals or organizations needing a Wikipedia page ought to seek the services of professional editors who ensure that the pages are well cited and referenced, properly formatted and revised in accordance to Wikipedia’s regulations. All these requirements have to be met to warrant the approval of the page. Such professionals offer monitoring services too so they can update an existing Wikipedia page with accurate information through Wikipedia editing services. Owing to the fact that Wikipedia is an open website which can be edited by anyone, some may use this as an opening to deface business rivals or other persons. This could hurt their reputation. Monitoring also ensures that the page is always up-to-date. Interpretation services are also offered by the specialists. This increases readership. To access the services of professional Wikipedia editors, just look to Get Your Wiki.

Benefits of being on Wikipedia

Any business organization or an individual achieves prestige by owning a Wikipedia page. It grants believable online presence to a business, brand or individual. Clients are more likely to engage the services of companies with Wikipedia pages than those without because they seem a lot more authentic. Having a page on the website also increases perceptibility in search engine results because when looking for something on the internet, its information on Wikipedia usually comes among the first five results. All these can make a business grow by producing a major increase in revenue.

Important advice when creating a Wikipedia page

To augment Wikipedia visibility, one ought to ensure that the business is renowned and that articles have been previously been written about it. This will give it outside citations hence prove that it is well known. Wikipedia pages are also not meant to directly advertise a business. When writing one, it is important not to market the company directly.