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George Soros Invests In Gold Miner And Trims Down U.S. Stocks

In the previous quarter, George Soros trimmed down his investments in U.S stock. He cut off a third of his investment. Soros is betting against the equities even as he is banking on gold. The value of his firm’s publicly disclosed holdings went down by 37 percent. By the end of March, Soros Fund Management’s holdings value was $3.5 billion, according to government filings. The company noted that it owned put option contracts in SPDR 500 ETF Trust that tracks the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index worth $2.1 million.

George Soros also purchased bullish contracts in the SPDR Gold Trust that trails the price of the bullion on 1.05 million shares. Additionally, Soros’ fund acquired a stake worth $264 million in Barrick Gold Corp. The firm is the largest gold producer globally. According to the filings, Soros Fund Management took up the stake at the end of March. The acquisition translates to 1.7 percent, which makes it Soros Fund Management’s largest U.S. Holding. His fund sold a stake worth $173 million in Level 3 Communication Inc. It also sold a holding in Dow Chemical Co. worth $161 million as of December 31. This information was first published on Bloomberg.

About George Soros

Recently, George Soros warned that the debt-fueled growth in China resembled the circumstances that led to the financial crisis in 2008. The demand for precious metals especially gold is tied to the health of the Asian economies that are a large market for bullion. The investment moves made by Soros came as a result of mixed signals regarding the health of the U.S. economy.

Additionally, there has been concern about the state of the global economy. When annualized, the U.S. economy slowed to 0.5 percent in the first quarter. That reflects a 0.9 drop from the fourth quarter. In Addition, economic data from China continue to disappoint. Even with official stimulus, data from the key sectors of the economy indicate a poor performance. This information was originally posted on as elaborated by this link

Soros is a well-renowned author. He has written over fourteen books. The books provide insights into his methods and approaches in investing as well as business. George Soros also shares his views on various aspects that include economics, politics, philanthropy, open societies, and globalization. Among the books he has written include The Tragedy of the European Union, published in 2012. Soros discusses the European Union’s future and the current issues affecting it. The other books comprise of the Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United Syates, The Age of Fallibility, Open Society, and George Soros on Globalization. This information was initially published on

Attorney and Animal Lover Ross Abelow Helps People and Animals

In January of this year attorney and animal lover Ross Abelow started a Go Fund Me drive to raise $5,000.00 for New York City animal shelters. This past winter set records for the coldest temperatures in the area, and local animal shelters struggled to effectively take care of the homeless animals they housed and cared for.

Many shelters are in serious need of additional funds and space to adequately care for the large amount of homeless dogs and cats in the area. This causes both sick and healthy animals to be unnecessarily exposed to the dangers of winter and witness illness and even death. These funds will help relieve some of these burdens and ensure improved services to the animal community. The money raised from this campaign will go directly to these local shelters for housing, food, blankets and medical attention including vaccinations.

Ross Abelow is a highly experienced lawyer in New York City. He graduated from New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He passed the bar exam and has practiced law since 1990. He maintains a busy schedule by specializing in numerous fields of law instead of just one or two like most other attorneys. He provides services for civil rights, commercial, family, litigation, matrimonial, real estate, and entertainment issues. He has taken on cases for those in the common working class to more prominent figures like entertainers and athletes.

Mr. Abelow has an extensive knowledge of the laws of New York. He has gone over and above what is expected to gain his clients’ confidence in the countless cases he has handled. He also provides professional advice and assistance to other attorneys needing his expertise. He and Robert Cassandro are partners in the Abelow and Cassandro law firm in Jericho, New York. This firm has been assisting consumers in the area with legal advice and assistance since 1995.

Ross is a favorite on the social media scenes of Facebook, Twitter and Mashable. He enjoys connecting with the public through his legal and personal blogs. Besides his love for animals, he also enjoys spending time with his three daughters.

Going To JustFab Website Is Something I Do Each Month

I’m not a person who tends to follow trends or do what others are doing, but I’ll have to admit that I found the JustFab website because I was following other people. A friend of mine always had new clothes that looked great on her, and I kept asking her where she was getting her clothes from.

She told me about the website JustFab, but I would let the information go in one ear and out the other. It’s only when I finally got a date after one year of being single that I decided I absolutely had to update my wardrobe, so I went back to my friend to get the information from her.
When she told me to go to the JustFab website, I went online, and I couldn’t believe the massive amount of clothes and shoes that they had. I was also impressed because they had handbags as well as jewelry, so I would be able to choose all kinds of things for my special date (click to read more: JustFab Promo Codes: 75% Off Coupon, 2016). Since my date was over a week away, I knew I’d be able to order the items online and get them in time.

I joined as a member, and I was happy to do so because paying for the membership got me my items as well as free shipping. I learned that each month when I pay the membership, I’ll get to spend my $39.95, which means I can go shopping every month without paying anything extra. Read more: JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online

Since the JustFab website has so many items at low prices, I know that my membership fee each month will go to good use, and even the months that I don’t use the membership, I can always save up the fee to use it later. I like the fact that the membership fee charged by JustFab is not something that I lose completely but can use the money on the website to buy things that I want. Learn more about JustFab:

Ever since I joined the website, each month I go and buy something new, and the months that I skip buying anything, I still pay the fee because I know I’ll want to buy more things later on.

I plan on putting together a complete summer wardrobe by shopping on the JustFab website, and I’m so excited that I joined as a member. I’ve been earning reward points, I get 50% off my purchases, and I always get free shipping because I buy a lot of items on the website – Learn more about JustFab: I couldn’t thank my friend enough for turning me onto the JustFab website, especially since it helped me on my first date and the many dates that I had afterward.