Archive: February 2018

Mighty Fortress Church: Come as You Are

Mighty Fortress International invites you to come as you are. We are a non-judgmental place of worship. We welcome anyone who wants to know who Christ really is. We welcome anyone who is seeking a safe haven where they can truly come to know know the Holy Spirit. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about Jesus Christ, He who is true God and true man. We welcome those who have strayed from traditional churches because they felt they did not fit in. We welcome YOU.

There are lots of churches in Minneapolis, so what makes this one unique? Our ministry is different from others. This is where you can come as you are. There are no issues with race, culture or where you may have worshipped in the past. At Mighty Fortress Church we want to share a joyful experience. You will not be bored and you will not be shamed. Acceptance and love abound here. We serve real people, just like you. Our services are life changing, enlightening and transformational. Read more on

There is so much to offer at Mighty Fortress. Our primary focus is God and what He can do in our lives. Our band and choir are outstanding and will no doubt stir your longings to know Christ all the more. We will help you understand the teachings of Jesus Christ through practical teaching of the bible, and we will provide spiritual guidance to help you cope with life’s challenges. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Mighty Fortress Church has a multitude of programs to serve our congregation. There is the Children’s Ministry, serving youth from preschool to age 12. There is the Men’s Ministry to serve the needs of the males of MFI through planned functions and special events. We have a Married Couple’s Ministry, designed to provide special events and services for our married members. We surely do not forget our single members. For them, we have the Singles Ministry where unmarried men and women come to socialize and address spiritual needs. Our Worship Arts program provides an opportunity to express spiritual worship through drama and dance.


Welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. Come and join your new spiritual family.