Paul Mampilly is Bayan Hills Financial Guru

Paul Mampilly is getting eager again. He has been sending out cryptic messages about a fantastic pick that he has apparently found. If you don’t know who Mampilly is, he is one of the investment gurus that they are hoarding over at Bayan Hill Publishing. Mampilly has made fantastic picks in the past, some of them raising over 4,400%, so when he mentions a new pick most people in the investment communities ears perk up. Meet the experts on

What is this fantastic pick? Well, it takes a little work to decipher. Paul has guided readers to the pick through some interesting details. Of course, if you subscribe to his extremely popular Profits Unlimited Newsletter it probably straight up tells you. One hint led to a mid-Western company which was vague enough, another hint was that it was a precision medicine company, and the final hint — the important one — was a picture of the companies headquarters.

Of course, anything is reverse searchable now. With Google Maps, people immediately figured out what Paul Mampilly was talking about. Myriad Genetics (MYGN) was the mystery company that Paul had been alluding too. Myriad Genetics offers personalized medical solutions. Their bread and butter have been cancer tests, but lately, they have been branching out into other tests.


Paul believes that because of future insurance coverage and upcoming proprietary testing solutions, Myriad Genetics valuate will skyrocket. Analysts are in line — to a degree — with this and the future price shifts show a 16% increase in Myriad’s favor. Of course, that’s not an insane shift like Paul is talking about. Perhaps Paul knows something that we don’t, or perhaps he is just great at looking into the future. Either way, Myriad is starting to look better and better.

Add to all of this the announcement of VectraDNA and GeneSight both of which have a great shot at getting patented. VectraDNA is and arthritis test and GeneSight is for antidepressant medication. These new developments have shifted Myriads profit margin to a little under 1/3 for cancer tests, a number which used to be 100%. Will Myriad go up in the future? There is no telling. If analysts are right, then the answer is yes. If Paul is right, the answer is definitely. Either way, the pick seems to be solid. Read this article at

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