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How Guilherme Paulus Became On Of The Top Entrepreneurs In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus was recently one of the key speakers at just ended Top Seller event. This year’s event was meant to address the theme of entrepreneurship, and it was thus a gift by itself that one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country was available to talk about the same. Over the years Guilherme Paulus has made a lot of contributions to the tourism industry. These contributions have not only made him successful, but have also provided employment opportunities for many as well improved service provision within the industry itself.

His first venture was in CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia. This was a company founded in 1972 by two partners, one of them being Guilherme Paulus. As a business, it struggled in its initial years, but was able to pick up eventually. By this time, however one of the partners had left, leaving Guilherme Paulus in charge of the entire operation. He was able to overcome a myriad of challenges over and eventually the company became profitable. The success of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia as a private company would attract the attention of other investors after Guilherme Paulus gave an interview where he hinted at the possibility of one day going public. He received numerous proposals as different parties scrambled to understand the company’s business model and what it did specifically. The Carlyle group a private equity firm, however, beat them to the punch and in 2009 offered to acquire a 63.3 percent stake for an estimated 420 million dollars. This deal was approved, and they became the majority owners.


In the meantime, Paulus had found a niche in the hotel industry, and this is how the GJP network had been founded in 2005. His entrepreneurial spirit was at it again, and he was quickly identifying tourist hot spots and putting up hotels there. This venture was boosted by the capital injection from the sale of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia, and he was soon able to take prime targets. The ability of GJP to acquire land near the country’s main airports played a major role in helping them become one of the best strategically placed chain of hotels especially during the sports extravagances that took place in Brazil.

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Discounts for Neurocore make Their Brain Training Services more Affordable

In order to make their services more affordable to the people who need them, Neurocore Brain Training Centers has partnered with Groupon. This partnership allows people to choose between two different discounted services. They could choose to have Neurocore’s comprehensive diagnostic assessment free of any restrictions at a discounted price that could save them more than $150 off the regular cost. They could also choose to have an individual diagnostic assessment, which could include having an EEG as well as behavioral assessment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore Brain Training Centers use what they call neurofeedback. This is a process that combines data from the brain with the training used for biofeedback. This non-invasive procedure allows doctors to obtain a base map of the brain and its activity using strategically placed electrodes. It is then used to monitor the brain’s activity while the individual receives different types of visual and auditory stimuli. This type of biofeedback uses a reward process based on the type of mental alertness and control the person exhibits. Read more about Neurocore at


As an organization in the health and wellness industry, Neurocore Brain Training Centers routinely has openings for qualified individuals. These openings could be at either one of the company’s Florida or Michigan locations. As the base for Neurocore’s customer service, their office in Grand Rapids, Michigan could have entry level positions available for customer service specialists. They also hire college graduates with their BA or MA degrees as client advocates. At the management level and above, Neurocore employs skilled annalists, IT technicians and Clinical Specialists.