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How Guilherme Paulus Became On Of The Top Entrepreneurs In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus was recently one of the key speakers at just ended Top Seller event. This year’s event was meant to address the theme of entrepreneurship, and it was thus a gift by itself that one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country was available to talk about the same. Over the years Guilherme Paulus has made a lot of contributions to the tourism industry. These contributions have not only made him successful, but have also provided employment opportunities for many as well improved service provision within the industry itself.

His first venture was in CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia. This was a company founded in 1972 by two partners, one of them being Guilherme Paulus. As a business, it struggled in its initial years, but was able to pick up eventually. By this time, however one of the partners had left, leaving Guilherme Paulus in charge of the entire operation. He was able to overcome a myriad of challenges over and eventually the company became profitable. The success of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia as a private company would attract the attention of other investors after Guilherme Paulus gave an interview where he hinted at the possibility of one day going public. He received numerous proposals as different parties scrambled to understand the company’s business model and what it did specifically. The Carlyle group a private equity firm, however, beat them to the punch and in 2009 offered to acquire a 63.3 percent stake for an estimated 420 million dollars. This deal was approved, and they became the majority owners.


In the meantime, Paulus had found a niche in the hotel industry, and this is how the GJP network had been founded in 2005. His entrepreneurial spirit was at it again, and he was quickly identifying tourist hot spots and putting up hotels there. This venture was boosted by the capital injection from the sale of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia, and he was soon able to take prime targets. The ability of GJP to acquire land near the country’s main airports played a major role in helping them become one of the best strategically placed chain of hotels especially during the sports extravagances that took place in Brazil.

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Discounts for Neurocore make Their Brain Training Services more Affordable

In order to make their services more affordable to the people who need them, Neurocore Brain Training Centers has partnered with Groupon. This partnership allows people to choose between two different discounted services. They could choose to have Neurocore’s comprehensive diagnostic assessment free of any restrictions at a discounted price that could save them more than $150 off the regular cost. They could also choose to have an individual diagnostic assessment, which could include having an EEG as well as behavioral assessment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore Brain Training Centers use what they call neurofeedback. This is a process that combines data from the brain with the training used for biofeedback. This non-invasive procedure allows doctors to obtain a base map of the brain and its activity using strategically placed electrodes. It is then used to monitor the brain’s activity while the individual receives different types of visual and auditory stimuli. This type of biofeedback uses a reward process based on the type of mental alertness and control the person exhibits. Read more about Neurocore at


As an organization in the health and wellness industry, Neurocore Brain Training Centers routinely has openings for qualified individuals. These openings could be at either one of the company’s Florida or Michigan locations. As the base for Neurocore’s customer service, their office in Grand Rapids, Michigan could have entry level positions available for customer service specialists. They also hire college graduates with their BA or MA degrees as client advocates. At the management level and above, Neurocore employs skilled annalists, IT technicians and Clinical Specialists.


GoBuyside Utilizes Highly Effective Multi-Pronged Approach to Successful Financial Recruitment

GoBuyside is a financial and investment sector recruitment firm which serves a wide range of clients including investment management firms, private equity firms, investment banks, consulting and advisory firms, hedge funds, and so on.

Founded in 2011 by experienced recruitment expert Arjun Kapur, GoBuyside is the largest specialized financial recruitment firm in the U.S., and operates as a technological platform designed to improve the effectiveness and success rate of financial and investment organizations as they compete in the recruitment market. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Serving over 400 clients with a talent network covering over 500 cities, 1000 organizations and 100,000 persons, GoBuyside has successfully executed 2000 full- and part-time recruitment searches.

GoBuyside is an executive search firm, contracted by clients in the financial and investment industries in need of a specialist firm to execute recruit searches. Forgoing a generalistic approach to search, GoBuyside provides niche expertise in service of niche clients, ensuring only the highest quality and best-suited prospects are shortlisted.

As the business and operational needs of investment and financial organizations defer significantly from those of entities in other industries, a generalistic approach to recruitment would be disadvantageous. Techniques such as cold calling and standard advertising are ineffectual compared to those employed by a specialist organization such as GoBuyside. To maintain competitiveness in the job market and ensure business success, investment management firms require a steady, constant, uninterrupted line to such specialist recruitment firms, especially one with existing talent platforms. Once again, in this regard, GoBuyside stands out. Read more about GoBuyside at

Overall, effective recruitment and hiring is one of the most important aspects of successful investment management, if not the most important. While these skills are erroneously assumed to be of little consequence and only worthy of sporadic attuning, leading business figures, such as Steve Jobs, have stressed the importance of effective hiring to the success of a business.


The organization was founded, as stated above, by Arjun Kapur, who beforehand executed recruitment searches in over 50 cities, including 40 in the United States alone. He graduated from John Hopkins University with a Bachelors in Economics, and from Stanford with a Masters in Business Administration.


Paul Mampilly is Bayan Hills Financial Guru

Paul Mampilly is getting eager again. He has been sending out cryptic messages about a fantastic pick that he has apparently found. If you don’t know who Mampilly is, he is one of the investment gurus that they are hoarding over at Bayan Hill Publishing. Mampilly has made fantastic picks in the past, some of them raising over 4,400%, so when he mentions a new pick most people in the investment communities ears perk up. Meet the experts on

What is this fantastic pick? Well, it takes a little work to decipher. Paul has guided readers to the pick through some interesting details. Of course, if you subscribe to his extremely popular Profits Unlimited Newsletter it probably straight up tells you. One hint led to a mid-Western company which was vague enough, another hint was that it was a precision medicine company, and the final hint — the important one — was a picture of the companies headquarters.

Of course, anything is reverse searchable now. With Google Maps, people immediately figured out what Paul Mampilly was talking about. Myriad Genetics (MYGN) was the mystery company that Paul had been alluding too. Myriad Genetics offers personalized medical solutions. Their bread and butter have been cancer tests, but lately, they have been branching out into other tests.


Paul believes that because of future insurance coverage and upcoming proprietary testing solutions, Myriad Genetics valuate will skyrocket. Analysts are in line — to a degree — with this and the future price shifts show a 16% increase in Myriad’s favor. Of course, that’s not an insane shift like Paul is talking about. Perhaps Paul knows something that we don’t, or perhaps he is just great at looking into the future. Either way, Myriad is starting to look better and better.

Add to all of this the announcement of VectraDNA and GeneSight both of which have a great shot at getting patented. VectraDNA is and arthritis test and GeneSight is for antidepressant medication. These new developments have shifted Myriads profit margin to a little under 1/3 for cancer tests, a number which used to be 100%. Will Myriad go up in the future? There is no telling. If analysts are right, then the answer is yes. If Paul is right, the answer is definitely. Either way, the pick seems to be solid. Read this article at

About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is an incredible leader within the disaster relief construction industry of Green Structures Homes of Alabama, LLC. She entails an extensive and successful history in government contracting that has allowed her firmly to hold a CEO position in the company with a strong grasp. Ms. Stokes and her ambitious team, marches consistently together in order to combat for the many victims involved in natural disasters of our world. The team is incredible when it comes to successfully rebuilding the lives of the many survivors and giving them hope in the process. This program is a huge supportive system of FEMA and the U.S. government. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The history of Barbara Stokes is one worth mentioning. She was once held managerial positions with Pisces Corporations and with the aircraft manufacturing giant, the Boeing Company. Throughout her career within such companies, her contracting abilities had made such a huge impact and her expertise would help prevail these companies to heights they didn’t realize were impossible. It was really disappointing for the companies when she exited, but they knew that she was headed off to add more logs onto her fire. Now as CEO of Green Structures Homes of Alabama, LLC, she is on fire more so than she has ever been in her career!

Barbara Stokes graduated from the oldest private university in Georgia, Mercer University. She would obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Throughout her attendance, she would also study thermodynamics, technical communication, and manufacturing and management. She was one of the favorites amongst her professors as her quality of work was exceptional and her ability to influence her peers to strive for greatness really put many smiles on her professor’s faces. She was a sheer amazement.


Besides her work history, firmly stands her community contribution efforts. Throughout the Huntsville, Alabama community, Ms. Stokes donates to various charities. In addition, she uses her skillful hands to also volunteer on a number of projects. Barbara is a great hearted professional with an amazing spirit for the Huntsville, Alabama community. She is known to light up a group, reflecting bright smiles and positive actions that a community needs in order to exhibit change and positive progress. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Visit the GSH of Alabama website for further details on Barbara Stokes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Bradesco Over The Decades

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stepped down from his position as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Bradesco bank, and his successor started at the position in early March. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi chose for a successor the former CEO of the Bradesco Seguros Group, Octavio de Lazari Jr.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served in the leadership positions for over five years after he was appointed by his predecessor, Lazaro de Mello Brandao. The Bradesco ban has been a life-long career for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who started working there when he was 17 as a clerk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served at many positions over the next 15 years until landing the responsibility of Marketing Director. He accomplished a better communication between Bradesco and the media of Brazil.

After that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working his way up and was later appointed t be the Chief Executive Officer and President of one of the subsidiaries- Bradesco Seguros Group. The corporation works in insurance and constitutes eight businesses running under the leadership of the Bradesco bank. While at the post, he was promoted to leading Bradesco. Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is retaining his position as the Chairman of the Board of Bradesco Bank.

Octavio de Lazari Jr. also started at the company young. He had directed his future as a professional football player, but in 1978, he started at the bank, In 2012, Octavio de Lazari Jr. he became Deputy Director and then Managing Director in 2015. Octavio de Lazari Jr. was promoted to Executive Vice President of the Bradesco bank before he was appointed to lead the Bradesco Seguros. Other positions he has occupied include being on the Board of Directors and a managing member of the Bradesco Foundation.

The Bradesco bank entered the industry of financial services in 1943 with former headquarters in Marilla, Sao Paulo. The Bradesco bank moved to Osasco in sap Paulo some years later. The company has grown to service clients around the globe through more than 5 300 branches and more than 100 000 employees across the world. The corporation has to subsidiaries- Bardespar and the Bradesco Seguros Group. The bank offers insurance, private, investment, and retail banking, as well as private equity and asset management.

The founder of the Bradesco bank is Amado Aguiar who went from coffee farming to starting work t a prominent bank when he was only 16. he worked as an office boy and was able to observe the life in the bank and receive a lot of training from the professionals. He was promoted several times and spend his life working in the banking business.

When he established the Bradesco bank, the company was first to purchase a computer in Latin America, as well as to start issuing credit cards and also created a strong education program. The leaders of the Bradesco Bank have all been upholding that legacy of high quality of services and paving the unmarked path. Octavio de Lazari Jr. stated that he also feels it is his duty to continue the legacy of the founder.

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Whitney Wolfe Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most successful business owners in the United States. Several years ago, she started working on a business idea. At the time, few people thought the business idea would work. She asked for capital from various companies, but few people were willing to listen to her business ideas.

Bumble is the name of a dating app for females. Women are the ones who approach men using the app. Many women feel safe using Bumble, and it has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Whitney Wolfe is someone who is constantly improving the app in order to help customers.

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Business Career

Whitney Wolfe worked in corporate America for several years after graduating from college at Southern Methodist University. Although she excelled in her work, she was not passionate about working for a large company. She worked on various business ideas in her spare time. She used online dating services, and she found that many women thought that there must be a better way to meet guys.

After starting Bumble, Whitney Wolfe struggled to pay her bills. She invested her entire life savings into the business idea. After ra few years, the company finally started making money.

Thoughts on Society

Whitney Wolfe has been an outspoken advocate for women all over the United States. There are numerous examples of men who have been in trouble for harassing females during their career. Whitney Wolfe believes that no female should have to worry about harassment in the workplace.

Whitney Wolfe has been interviewed dozens of times. Her conviction in her beliefs is attractive to many people. Although she has had success as a business owner, she is still looking for ways to improve herself and her company. Now is a great time to try the Bumble application.

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Highland Capital Management and Bush Center Events

Highland Capital Management is a significant credit manager that has an international base. It’s situated in vibrant Dallas, Texas, too. This company regularly puts together all types of events that happen in the city. These events frequently are located at the George H. Bush Presidential Center as well. Highland Capital Management has backed this space for quite some time now. People who are intrigued can attend all sorts of enriching and useful events. Events cover all sorts of topics and focal points, too. They often cover the modern media. They often cover politics and the Constitution in the United States. People who want to participate in these events in many cases do not have to spend any money on admission. They do have to prepare beforehand, though. Preparation is as simple as signing up on the Internet. People can register to save spots for themselves on the Internet via The registration process should only take a couple of minutes or so. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Attendees can get insight from all sorts of prominent figures in the United States and beyond. Christopher Scalia is the type of public figure the Bush Center and Highland Capital regularly welcome with open arms. Scalia’s father was Antonin Scalia, the famed Supreme Court Justice of years past. The older Scalia is now deceased. People who visit the Bush Center can witness in-depth dialogue with figures who have a lot to say to the general public. They can in many cases ask pertinent questions, too. Scalia is a skilled writer who put together a book that was composed of his dad’s preferred speeches. These speeches tended to be on the funny side. It came out in the fall of 2017.


The Bush Center is also a superb place for people who like to learn all about the contemporary media and how it generally functions. People who want to delve into American media and all of its latest approaches may want to go to the Bush Center. This facility embraces people who know a lot about some of the most prominent historic figures in the nation. James Madison is a massive example. Madison is the man who is responsible for the First Amendment. People who head to the Bush Center can learn a lot from Jeffrey Rosen. Rosen is the National Constitution Center’s Chief Executive Officer and president. He’s also a scholar who studies Madison and his existence. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Mighty Fortress Church: Come as You Are

Mighty Fortress International invites you to come as you are. We are a non-judgmental place of worship. We welcome anyone who wants to know who Christ really is. We welcome anyone who is seeking a safe haven where they can truly come to know know the Holy Spirit. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about Jesus Christ, He who is true God and true man. We welcome those who have strayed from traditional churches because they felt they did not fit in. We welcome YOU.

There are lots of churches in Minneapolis, so what makes this one unique? Our ministry is different from others. This is where you can come as you are. There are no issues with race, culture or where you may have worshipped in the past. At Mighty Fortress Church we want to share a joyful experience. You will not be bored and you will not be shamed. Acceptance and love abound here. We serve real people, just like you. Our services are life changing, enlightening and transformational. Read more on

There is so much to offer at Mighty Fortress. Our primary focus is God and what He can do in our lives. Our band and choir are outstanding and will no doubt stir your longings to know Christ all the more. We will help you understand the teachings of Jesus Christ through practical teaching of the bible, and we will provide spiritual guidance to help you cope with life’s challenges. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Mighty Fortress Church has a multitude of programs to serve our congregation. There is the Children’s Ministry, serving youth from preschool to age 12. There is the Men’s Ministry to serve the needs of the males of MFI through planned functions and special events. We have a Married Couple’s Ministry, designed to provide special events and services for our married members. We surely do not forget our single members. For them, we have the Singles Ministry where unmarried men and women come to socialize and address spiritual needs. Our Worship Arts program provides an opportunity to express spiritual worship through drama and dance.


Welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. Come and join your new spiritual family.

Organo Gold is Good for Business

There are myriad beverage manufacturers on the market but very few of them offer the opportunity for their consumers to become partners in the distribution and profits of their company. Most also do not include dietary wellness supplements in their products to help their customers live a healthier life. Organo Gold is an exception to this rule; offering their customers to become partners. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

What Organo Gold Does

Organo Gold offers everyone the chance to become their own boss through distributing their quality wellness and beverage products. Many jump at the chance to be free of corporate ties and bosses who do not offer the flexibility that today’s world demands. A balance of freedom and personal health and well-being are offered as well as opportunity to start your own distribution business.

Over fifty countries employ independent distributors who offer our Organo Gold products which include tea, coffee, cocoa, and nutritional supplements and personal care items.


Organo Gold has collaborated with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. This group has sold over 100 million copies of their book “Think and Grow Rich”. Thanks to this book, over a hundred-million people have discovered the secrets to successful entrepreneurship and have found their own success in the world of finance.

The Products

Organo Gold offers a wide array of coffees, teas, and cocoas. They are rich, delicious, and popular around the globe. A natural supplement, ganoderma, is added to their products. In addition to beverages, the company also distributes what they call neutraceuticals. These are nutritional supplements that help with mental and physical well-being. Many come in delicious flavors like vanilla and chocolate.


Nutrition and great-tasting beverages are joined by personal care items for dental health and skin care. They offer G3 Beauty Soap, and OG Smile to the public and through distributorship.

What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma is a woody and tough mushroom. It is used in many herb-based remedies as a holistic alternative to synthetic drugs. They have been reported to have a positive influence on the immune system, prostate gland, and cardovascular system. This supplement is included in Organo Gold products to help with general health and not to be a substitute for any health conditions that should be treated by a physician.

Organo Gold Enterprises is a community conscious company based in Richmond, British Columbia. If you are interested in purchasing their products or becoming a member of their entrepreneurship team, they are easy to locate and join. Read more at about Organo Gold.