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Highland Capital Management and Bush Center Events

Highland Capital Management is a significant credit manager that has an international base. It’s situated in vibrant Dallas, Texas, too. This company regularly puts together all types of events that happen in the city. These events frequently are located at the George H. Bush Presidential Center as well. Highland Capital Management has backed this space for quite some time now. People who are intrigued can attend all sorts of enriching and useful events. Events cover all sorts of topics and focal points, too. They often cover the modern media. They often cover politics and the Constitution in the United States. People who want to participate in these events in many cases do not have to spend any money on admission. They do have to prepare beforehand, though. Preparation is as simple as signing up on the Internet. People can register to save spots for themselves on the Internet via The registration process should only take a couple of minutes or so. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Attendees can get insight from all sorts of prominent figures in the United States and beyond. Christopher Scalia is the type of public figure the Bush Center and Highland Capital regularly welcome with open arms. Scalia’s father was Antonin Scalia, the famed Supreme Court Justice of years past. The older Scalia is now deceased. People who visit the Bush Center can witness in-depth dialogue with figures who have a lot to say to the general public. They can in many cases ask pertinent questions, too. Scalia is a skilled writer who put together a book that was composed of his dad’s preferred speeches. These speeches tended to be on the funny side. It came out in the fall of 2017.


The Bush Center is also a superb place for people who like to learn all about the contemporary media and how it generally functions. People who want to delve into American media and all of its latest approaches may want to go to the Bush Center. This facility embraces people who know a lot about some of the most prominent historic figures in the nation. James Madison is a massive example. Madison is the man who is responsible for the First Amendment. People who head to the Bush Center can learn a lot from Jeffrey Rosen. Rosen is the National Constitution Center’s Chief Executive Officer and president. He’s also a scholar who studies Madison and his existence. Read this article at PR Newswire.